So, pit stop at Mount Doom? (lyryk) wrote,
So, pit stop at Mount Doom?

The ~We Love Women!~ Multifandom Friending Meme 2014

Since many of us had a blast with this meme last year, here it is again!

~We Love Women! Multifandom Friending Meme~

If you love the awesome women in fandom, come on over and make new friends!

to play, use the text below:

to promote, use this (comes with the Joan Watson image; for more banners, see under the cut):

Or promote on tumblr.

Thanks to the very awesome scarletscarlet for the gorgeous banners! ♥

[+ banners for Merlin, Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, Teen Wolf, Harry Potter and Jossverse]

If any of you lovely artists would like to make banners for fandoms that aren't represented in the ones above, I'd be very happy to add them to the list.

ETA: LJ's marking some comments as spam - if this happens to yours, do PM me and let me know, and I'll unspam it ASAP.
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