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So, pit stop at Mount Doom? [userpic]

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[sticky post] March 1st, 2009 (05:34 pm)

This journal is (mostly) friends-only. If you'd like me to add you, please leave me a note here. Comments screened. :-)

So, pit stop at Mount Doom? [userpic]


September 10th, 2014 (10:39 pm)

Calling all Jack Davenport fans! We’re going to rewatch/discuss a bunch of Jack’s stuff, starting with Ultraviolet, The Talented Mr Ripley, and Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

Ultraviolet is a six-part BBC miniseries starring Jack Davenport, Idris Elba and Susannah Harker. Join us for the rewatch hosted at amerally’s LJ—the discussion post for episode 1 will be up on September 20th!

Do spread the word! (To promote, just copy/paste the text below.) The episodes are available on Hulu, but if anyone has trouble accessing them, let me know and I'll get them to you one way or another. *g*

So, pit stop at Mount Doom? [userpic]


August 25th, 2014 (09:13 pm)

this is all the SPN fandom neededCollapse )

So, pit stop at Mount Doom? [userpic]

XF is Love month

August 25th, 2014 (03:58 pm)

Come talk to me about The X-Files at the xf_is_love month. ♥ Signups here.

So, pit stop at Mount Doom? [userpic]

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August 8th, 2014 (01:29 am)

Okay, now this is just unfair.


So, pit stop at Mount Doom? [userpic]


June 29th, 2014 (11:05 pm)

People are awesome. <3

The amazing secretlytodream is offering ~three videos - yay! - and so so many of my favourite writers/artists/podficcers/vidders/betas are offering works too. I'd list them all but there are way too many brilliant things to choose from, so go have a look. :-)

The lovely ash48 has already made a bid on my first offer, but I've put up a second offer for fic here. So if there's something you'd like me to write for you (I'll be happy to consider writing for fandoms other than the ones I've listed, but let's talk about it first) I'm totally happy to write one more fic. :-)

So, pit stop at Mount Doom? [userpic]

The ~We Love Women!~ Multifandom Friending Meme 2014

June 15th, 2014 (05:31 pm)

Since many of us had a blast with this meme last year, here it is again!

~We Love Women! Multifandom Friending Meme~

If you love the awesome women in fandom, come on over and make new friends!

to play, use the text below:

to promote, use this (comes with the Joan Watson image; for more banners, see under the cut):

Or promote on tumblr.

Thanks to the very awesome scarletscarlet for the gorgeous banners! ♥

[+ banners for Merlin, Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, Teen Wolf, Harry Potter and Jossverse]

If any of you lovely artists would like to make banners for fandoms that aren't represented in the ones above, I'd be very happy to add them to the list.

ETA: LJ's marking some comments as spam - if this happens to yours, do PM me and let me know, and I'll unspam it ASAP.

So, pit stop at Mount Doom? [userpic]

happy friday the 13th

June 13th, 2014 (01:18 am)

+ PSA: Nominations for rarepairfest are open.

+ Also a poem, because why not.

you could grow into it, that sense of living like a dogCollapse )

So, pit stop at Mount Doom? [userpic]

The Fall

June 3rd, 2014 (01:57 am)

Still on episode 3 but had to pause and appreciate this:

Let’s not refer to them [the killer's victims] as innocent. […] What if he kills a prostitute, next? Or a woman walking home drunk, late at night, in a short skirt? Will they be, in some way, less innocent, therefore less deserving? Culpable? The media loves to divide women into virgins and vamps. Angels or whores. Let’s not encourage them.

Also this:

"Man fucks woman." Subject: man. Verb: fucks. Object: woman. That’s OK. "Woman fucks man." Woman: subject. Man: object. That’s not so comfortable for you, is it?

In conclusion: Stella Gibson. ♥

P.S. I forgot John Lynch was Balinor, and had to IMDb him to figure out where I'd seen him before. *facepalm*

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